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There is a list of medications containing "Pantoprazole" as a main active pharmaceutical ingredient (API), their available forms, doses and also pharmaceutical companies: manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, researchers and developers:

The first trade name of products Lists of Pantoprazole medications The last trade name of products
3A-Pan 3A-Pan - Acida Acida
Acidopent Acidopent - Acinil Acinil
Acipan Acipan - Advanta Advanta
Aeropan Aeropan - Alpant Alpant
Alpenta Alpenta - Anesteloc Anesteloc
Anesteloc Max Anesteloc Max - Antopral Antopral
Antorex Antorex - Apazol Apazol
Apentral Apentral - Aripant Aripant
Arloc Arloc - Athzol Athzol
Atopazole Atopazole - Azatol Azatol
A-Zol A-Zol - Biozole Biozole
Biprab Biprab - Caldazol Caldazol
Canozol Canozol - Ciproton Ciproton
Citrel Citrel - Contraflux Contraflux
Contro-Cap Contro-Cap - Cutum Cutum
Cypan Cypan - Digespan Digespan
Dofcid Dofcid - Dypes Dypes
Ecedock Ecedock - Erabact Erabact
Eracid Eracid - Farmazol Farmazol
Festel Festel - Fupan Fupan
Galocid Galocid - Gastrolan Gastrolan
Gastrolief Gastrolief - Gastrozac Gastrozac
Gatrocid Gatrocid - Gutsave Gutsave
Hansazol Hansazol - Imanto Imanto
Inhibid Inhibid - Ipraalox Ipraalox
Isopan Isopan - Kenta Kenta
Kinzole Kinzole - Leetop Leetop
Lesprot Lesprot - Mag Mag
Manez Manez - Monpan Monpan
Necpanto Necpanto - Nitzole Nitzole
Nixopan Nixopan - Ntap Ntap
Nupan Nupan - Operazol Operazol
Opet Opet - P-20 P-20
P-40 P-40 - Palio Palio
Palmy Palmy - Panasta Panasta
Panazo Panazo - Pancid Pancid
Pancrazio Pancrazio - Pandrea Pandrea
Pandry Pandry - Panion Panion
Paniso Paniso - Panloz Panloz
Panmeilu Panmeilu - Panopaz Panopaz
Panor Panor - Panprax Panprax
Panprazole Panprazole - Panrit Panrit
Panrixim Panrixim - Pansped Pansped
Panstrike Panstrike - Pantacin Pantacin
Pantacip Pantacip - Pantagi Pantagi
Pantagon Pantagon - Pantamax Pantamax
Pantamep Pantamep - Pantazol (Nycomed) Pantazol (Nycomed)
Pantazol (Sigma Pharmaceutical Industries) Pantazol (Sigma Pharmaceutical Industries) - Pantiac Pantiac
Panticlar Panticlar - Pantocaf Pantocaf
Pantocalm Pantocalm - Pantocos Pantocos
Pantocure Pantocure - Panto-Frenacid Panto-Frenacid
Pantogastric Pantogastric - Pantokool Pantokool
Pantol Pantol - Pantomed (Curemed Healthcare) Pantomed (Curemed Healthcare)
Pantomed (Jelfa Pharmaceuticals Works) Pantomed (Jelfa Pharmaceuticals Works) - Pantonec Pantonec
Pantonel Pantonel - Pantopaz Pantopaz
Pantopazmol Pantopazmol - Pantoprazol (AbZ-Pharma) Pantoprazol (AbZ-Pharma)
Pantoprazol (Accord Healthcare) Pantoprazol (Accord Healthcare) - Pantoprazol (Alter Laboratorios) Pantoprazol (Alter Laboratorios)
Pantoprazol (Alternova) Pantoprazol (Alternova) - Pantoprazol (Artesan Pharma) Pantoprazol (Artesan Pharma)
Pantoprazol (Asence Pharma) Pantoprazol (Asence Pharma) - Pantoprazol (Bene Arzneimittel) Pantoprazol (Bene Arzneimittel)
Pantoprazol (Bestpharma Laboratorio) Pantoprazol (Bestpharma Laboratorio) - Pantoprazol (Calox International) Pantoprazol (Calox International)
Pantoprazol (Carinopharm) Pantoprazol (Carinopharm) - Pantoprazol (Davur Laboratorios) Pantoprazol (Davur Laboratorios)
Pantoprazol (Denver Farma) Pantoprazol (Denver Farma) - Pantoprazol (Farma Mediterrania) Pantoprazol (Farma Mediterrania)
Pantoprazol (Farmalider) Pantoprazol (Farmalider) - Pantoprazol (Generis Farmaceutica) Pantoprazol (Generis Farmaceutica)
Pantoprazol (Genfarma) Pantoprazol (Genfarma) - Pantoprazol (Hexal) Pantoprazol (Hexal)
Pantoprazol (Hikma Pharmaceuticals) Pantoprazol (Hikma Pharmaceuticals) - Pantoprazol (Labatec Pharma) Pantoprazol (Labatec Pharma)
Pantoprazol (Labesfal) Pantoprazol (Labesfal) - Pantoprazol (Medicamenta) Pantoprazol (Medicamenta)
Pantoprazol (Medley Industria Farmaceutica) Pantoprazol (Medley Industria Farmaceutica) - Pantoprazol (Nycomed) Pantoprazol (Nycomed)
Pantoprazol (Onedose Pharma) Pantoprazol (Onedose Pharma) - Pantoprazol (Profonsa) Pantoprazol (Profonsa)
Pantoprazol (Qualigen) Pantoprazol (Qualigen) - Pantoprazol (Rottendorf Pharma) Pantoprazol (Rottendorf Pharma)
Pantoprazol (Sandoz) Pantoprazol (Sandoz) - Pantoprazol (Stada) Pantoprazol (Stada)
Pantoprazol (Streuli Pharma) Pantoprazol (Streuli Pharma) - Pantoprazol (Tetrafarma Produtos Farmaceuticos) Pantoprazol (Tetrafarma Produtos Farmaceuticos)
Pantoprazol (Teva) Pantoprazol (Teva) - Pantoprazol (Winthrop Arzneimittel) Pantoprazol (Winthrop Arzneimittel)
Pantoprazol (Wynn Industrial Pharma) Pantoprazol (Wynn Industrial Pharma) - Pantoprazol Dhira Pantoprazol Dhira
Pantoprazol Dura Pantoprazol Dura - Pantoprazol Ratio Pantoprazol Ratio
Pantoprazol Serraclinics Pantoprazol Serraclinics - Pantoprazole (Aspen Pharmacare) Pantoprazole (Aspen Pharmacare)
Pantoprazole (Aurochem Laboratories) Pantoprazole (Aurochem Laboratories) - Pantoprazole (Cristers) Pantoprazole (Cristers)
Pantoprazole (EG Labo) Pantoprazole (EG Labo) - Pantoprazole (Nycomed) Pantoprazole (Nycomed)
Pantoprazole (Olinka UK) Pantoprazole (Olinka UK) - Pantoprazole (Takeda Pharmaceutical) Pantoprazole (Takeda Pharmaceutical)
Pantoprazole (TchaikaPharma) Pantoprazole (TchaikaPharma) - Pantoprazole Conseil (Ratiopharm) Pantoprazole Conseil (Ratiopharm)
Pantoprazole Conseil (Sandoz) Pantoprazole Conseil (Sandoz) - Pantoros Pantoros
Pantorox Pantorox - PantoSky PantoSky
Pantosol Pantosol - Pantotex Pantotex
Pantotis Pantotis - Pantozole (Psyco Remedies) Pantozole (Psyco Remedies)
Pantozole (Safe Pharmaceuticals) Pantozole (Safe Pharmaceuticals) - Pantus Pantus
Pantz Pantz - Panzac Panzac
Panzat Panzat - Panzol Pro Panzol Pro
Panzole Panzole - Patent Patent
Patroz Patroz - PCare PCare
P-Cent P-Cent - Pensig Pensig
Pensodin Pensodin - Pentastar Pentastar
Pentazole Pentazole - Pentodus Pentodus
Pentoloc Pentoloc - Pep Pep
Pepcare Pepcare - Peprage Peprage
Peprazole-L Peprazole-L - Pepticool Pepticool
Peptilcer Peptilcer - Perloc Perloc
Perozib Perozib - Pez Pez
Pezole Pezole - Piza Piza
Pizo Pizo - Pop Pop
Popram Popram - Praze Praze
Prazocid Prazocid - Pregel Pregel
Prevacid Prevacid - Promtec Promtec
Propan Propan - Proto Proto
Protocent Protocent - Provera Provera
Prowad Prowad - Pusher Pusher
PVZole PVZole - Radipan Radipan
Rager Rager - Regad Regad
Regasef Regasef - Rypanta Rypanta
Safepraz Safepraz - Sipar Sipar
Soctec Soctec - Stamic Stamic
Stedpan Stedpan - Tansa Tansa
Tapra Tapra - Tonal Tonal
Tonval Tonval - Toprazole Toprazole
Topzole Topzole - Ugarpan Ugarpan
Ulcen Ulcen - Ulstop Ulstop
Ultomed Ultomed - Ventro-Pant Ventro-Pant
Vetopep Vetopep - Woppi Woppi
Wypan Wypan - ZacPac ZacPac
Zanfoate Zanfoate - Zgaton Zgaton
Zimpax Zimpax - Zolpanz Zolpanz
Zolpeptid Zolpeptid - Zyto Zyto

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